We are a team of "digital natives" and for many years travelling the Internet. It has always surprised us why there is not a simple platform which can be used quickly and easily to communicate content "live".

In many cases, the user needs to enter private information or is required to install software. Sometimes it gets even worse: he needs to pay a fee for his account. We love and live the "keep it simple" principle. That's why we developed BRAINREPUBLIC: A platform where everyone can reach anyone - free of charge.

"Live" means a lot for us - it allows life to be experienced - just with a computer almost everyone has. The possibilities of BRAINREPUBLIC are endless: band rehearsals, lectures, product presentations - or even a small joke, which wants to be told.

And you decide easily who your audience is: BRAINREPUBLIC can be used in a small group or even large broadcasts. What do you have to say? What can you show to others? Find your own benefit and show it to the world on your own channel!

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Susi Carreira
Marketing & PR