§1 User data

BRAINREPUBLIC (OCC GmbH) gathers, processes and uses personal data of a user as far it is necessary for the fulfilment of the contract. In general, usually just login data of the customer will be stored.

§2 Usage Data

Data, as for example information about beginning, end and extent of the use of certain services by a user, or connection data from the different services (usage data) is only raised, processed and used, as far as this is necessary to allow the claim of these services, to improve and/or to settle accounts. Generally for this, user accounts, date and time of beginning and end of usage, price, the user's IP address and the type of services are stored.

§3 Transmission of data to authorities

In accordance with the regulations applying for this, the authorization and obligation exists for giving information to courts and authorities for the purpose of criminal proceedings.

§4 Using and transmitting data for advertising purposes

BRAINREPUBLIC uses stored data exclusively for its own purposes of advertisement and improving its services. In the interest of the user, BRAINREPUBLIC tries to target advertising to allow usage based and reasonable advertisement. A passing on of personal data for advertising purposes to third parties does not occur and otherwise will be will be requested in advance. Such an approval can be revoked at any time for the future.

§5 Information about stored data

BRAINREPUBLIC will provide the customer by request free of charge and immediately information about the data stored about his person. The information can be given by request of the customer also electronically.

§6 Rights of cancellation

The user has the right to cancel at any time the approval of data processing, data storage and usage of data with effect for the future. To do this, he sends a short cancellation email to datenschutz@BRAINREPUBLIC.com, with the information of address, date of birth, email address and password. BRAINREPUBLIC will, after suitable check, immediately destroy the data, as far as it is not needed any more for the fulfillment of the contractual relationship, in particular for settlement.

§7 Cookies

In order to recognize users at their next visit, BRAINREPUBLIC stores on your computer a sort of electronic business card, so-called Cookies. Besides, the usage of Cookies enables BRAINREPUBLIC to gain information about the use of the platform and to adapt his services according to the preferences of the users. The users can change the setting of their browser any time and may use some parts of platform without Cookies.

§8 Inclusion of third party services

We allow through including third party services (such as Facebook) the exchange of data with these services. This data exchange can also happen if this functionality is not actively used by the user.

§9 Miscellaneous

This privacy policy can be reviewed, stored and printed any time at http://www.BRAINREPUBLIC.com/en/datenschutzbestimmungen.html