Free live streaming Portal
What the heck is live streaming? Our live streaming provides a browser-based real-time transfer. With us, you may have broadcast free of charge and without registration and others can participate at BRAINREPUBLIC!

All you need is a computer, a webcam, a microphone and a "message". Your audience follows your broadcast live in a Web browser and can ask questions in the chat or send comments.

... for everyone: orators, self-promoters, actors, musicians, entrepreneurs and all those who have something to say to the world. It is for lectures or training, for product presentations or lectures, to broadcast events or auditions - in short: BRAINREPUBLIC is what you make of it.

Choose who can watch and listen: your friends and family, your fans, or the general public.
Technical prerequisites
To use BRAINREPUBLIC, you usually don't need to install any additional software. You conveniently send your live streaming using our platform with just the Web browser.
BRAINREPUBLIC is flash based and just requires the latest Flash Player, which you get here.

You need only an internet-enabled computer, a microphone and a webcam.

If you own a smartphone with iOS or Android operation system just download our app and go on air wherever you want.
Get started in less than a minute!
Enter a name, a brief description, your show a date and a time. That's it! Now you just need to invite your audience.

Tell your audience:
Use your social media network with applications like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and/or send the invitation link by E-Mail.

Once published, the show starts live on Facebook, if you're on air. All who have received the invitation link by E-Mail, can view the stream directly on the BRAINREPUBLIC web page.

You want a live stream on your website
or incorporate it into your blog?
Nothing is easier than that! We'll provide everything you need: click on the green icon and the code for your page jumps right into your clipboard.

Just embed it - once you're on air, streaming starts automatically on your blog and the world looks on you!
Get started and discuss live:
The chat feature
You can get a link which you can use to invite your viewers, and a private one with which is your broadcast link.

Just enter your personal link into your browser - and as soon as you click on the play button, you're live on air and start the streaming window on Facebook and your blogs in parallel - everyone can have a look now! The chat begins as soon as you have entered your name.
Simple and transparent: we do not store your personal data!
We store as little as possible: we register only the booking your show - nothing more. Once booked you will get your personal links. Do not lose them!

Our Tip: Receive the important details via email. Same here: we won't store your email.
- free of charge and advertising,
- without additional software,
- usable without an account,
- and fast & easy to use!